Addgene Newsletter, December 2012
Happy Holidays from Addgene! 
Along with the holidays, December brings winter's chill to us in Cambridge, MA. If it's cold where you are, hopefully we can warm you up with our newest Hot Plasmids, our Nobel Prize winning despositors, and new stem cell reference page. So grab a hot cocoa and start reading.
 ~The Addgene Team 
Hot Papers and Plasmids: Bright Lights

          • Enhanced FRET pairing with Clover-mRuby2
          • EM imaging using APEX
          • New superpositive split GFP - spGFP   
          • TALEN destination vectors
          • And more!  
Reference Guide: Plasmids for Stem Cell Research


Stem cell research offers the potential for many exciting new medical therapeutic techniques. Moreover, the importance of stem cell work was highlighted in this year's 2012 Nobel Prize awards. 

In order to aid scientists interested in developing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, Addgene has curated a Stem Cell Plasmid Reference Guide.  The guide features plasmids available at Addgene and organizes them based on delivery method, species, and vector.                                                                          

 >View the Guide 

Addgene Depositors:  2012 Nobel Prize Winners


Congratulations to the newest Nobel laureates! Addgene is particularly excited to see 3 depositors honored: 
    • Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
      • John Gurdon & Shinya Yamanaka
      • For their innovative work reprogramming mature cells into pluripotent stem cells  
    • Nobel Prize in Chemistry
      • Robert Lefkowitz & Brian Kobilka
      • For their discovery and characterization of the family of G protein-coupled receptors      

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New Board  Members Welcomed in 2012
Addgene is pleased to announce additions to its leadership team:
Board of Directors
Kristin Darby, MBA, CPA, CFE
Scientific Advisory Board
Craig Alexander, JD
Eric Campeau, PhD
Tom Ellis, PhD
Siouxsie Wiles, PhD

Empty Backbones Available at Addgene

Need help choosing which backbone to clone your gene into?
Check out our Empty Backbone Guide to find the best plasmid for your experiment. 

Fun with Plasmids
Play Addgene's new
Plasmid Land game during the holidays.
Print out a game board and enjoy! 
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