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Addgene Newsletter, January 2018
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A Growing Array of Research Tools
We're focused on getting you the resources you need to accomplish your research goals. You deposited over 15,000 plasmids in 2017 and we'll be working with you to make 2018 even better!

This year we'll begin distributing many more AAVs through a collaboration with the Penn Vector Core, we'll help you make your work reproducible through a variety of workshops and events, and we'll be getting more room for new projects as we move into a larger space. Keep your eyes on Addgene for an exciting 2018!
 ~The Addgene Team
Collaboration with Penn Vector Core

We're happy to announce that we'll be providing many more ready-to-use AAV preps through a collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Vector Core. 

New Protocol Videos

Addgene Protocol Videos

Boost your lab's productivity with help from our video resources. New videos on:

Hot Plasmids & Papers 

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  • Studying chromatin interactions with CRISPR and CAPTURE
  • Vaccinia virus ORF library

  • Light controlled gene editing with single chain Cas9-pdDronpa proteins
  • And More...


#Deckthelab Winners

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  • Get inspired to boost your lab's aesthetic all year round
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