Addgene Newsletter, July 2017
Upgrading Maps, Updating eBooks, & More

As busy researchers, you need to find the tools for your next project quickly. Read on to learn how we've upgraded our plasmid maps to make picking your next plasmid much easier, expanded our CRISPR eBook so you can keep up to date with the latest developments in this technology, and provided grants to researchers to make their next experiments more affordable. Follow us closely in the next couple of weeks - we'll be introducing a bright new eBook that we think you'll enjoy.
 ~The Addgene Team
New Plasmid Maps Powered by SnapGene
Last quarter brought you full plasmid sequencing, this quarter we're proud to announce that our plasmid maps are now powered by GSL Biotech's SnapGene server software. With vastly improved feature detection, intuitive displays, and more downloadable files, these new maps will make it easier than ever for you to find the plasmids you need for your next experiment. Learn more in our recent blog post on our improved plasmid maps.
CRISPR 101 Second Edition

Download the second edition of our popular CRISPR 101 eBook to find expanded sections on CRISPR delivery systems, validation methods, and applications. Download the eBook here.

Hot Plasmids
  • Affordably generate DNA ladder for your Gels with Penn State DNA ladder plasmids
  • Control protein localization and activity with light using PhoCI
  • Use LSSmCherry1 & RDSmCherry1 as scaffolds for the generation of RFP variants
  • And more...

New Zhang and Wei Lab lncRNA Activation and Deletion libraries
Moffat Lab TKO v3 CRISPR Knockout Library

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