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Addgene Newsletter, June 2013
Summer Bluegene
Hot Plasmids for a Hot Summer
The temperature isn't the only thing heating up in Boston right now. We've got our newest Hot Plasmids and have added two new guides that will help brighten up your experiments this summer. Happy researching!

 ~The Addgene Team 
Guides: Optogenetics & Fluorescent Protein Tagging


Summer brings one of our favorite sights... fireworks! If you can't leave the lab this summer, bring the light show to the bench. 


Explore our newest guides:

Hot Plasmids & Papers 
  • Fluorescent protein tagging kit
  • CRISPR interference (CRISPRi)
  • Linearly tunable gene expression system CRISPRi image
Procedure:  Gibson Assembly Cloning


Gibson Assembly Cloning Wondering what Gibson cloning is all about? Deciding whether it might work for you? 

Read our overview of the procedure before you get started. 

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