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Addgene Newsletter, March 2013
Engineering with Addgene's Help
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Recently it seems like everyone is working on genome engineering and editing. At Addgene we are proud to distribute a great collection of tools to help you get the job done. Read on to learn more about the newest technologies, hottest plasmids, and latest Addgene apps.
 ~The Addgene Team 
Reference Guide: Genome Engineering


Plasmid Wrench

Looking for TALENs? CRISPRs? or Zinc Fingers?


We've created a simple Genome Engineering Guide to help you find a genome editing system for use in your research. Check out our newest technology guides and plasmids. 


 >View the Guide 

Addgene Review:  CRISPRs 101


The newest tools in the genome engineering toolbox are Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR). This technology uses a short guide RNA to specifically target DNA and  a CRISPR associated (Cas) nuclease to cleave DNA. Learn more and find the newest plasmids in our Guide to CRISPRs.



 >Learn about CRISPRs 

Hot Papers and Plasmids

LeGO Vectors

          • New optogenetics tool - JellyOp
          • Optimized glutamate sensor - iGluSnFR
          • RGB-marking with LeGO vectors 
          • New pLX lentiviral vectors
          • And more!  
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PubMed & Sciverse Link to Addgene

It's now easier than ever to access Addgene plasmids directly from articles.
PubMed links directly to Addgene and Science Direct has created an app.
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