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Addgene Newsletter, March 2014
Addgene 10 Years of Plasmid Sharing
Sharing CRISPRs & More
Addgene has a lot to share with you this year... 2014 marks our 10 year anniversary. We also have new CRISPR-Cas9 plasmids and resources, new Hot Plasmids, and much more.

 ~The Addgene Team

CRISPR-Cas9 Craze: New Tools & Resources


To help you find and use the newest CRISPR plasmids, we've made updates to our website:

CRISPR-Cas video by Le Cong

CRISPR Cas new resources, tools, and plasmids at Addgene

Hot Plasmids & Papers 

Brainbow AAV hippocampus axons

  • mGRASP for synapse localization
  • Next-gen Brainbow toolkit
  • pCoofy vectors for optimizing protein expression 
  • GreenGate cloning system for plant transgenesis

>See Hot Plasmids

Plasmids 101: Your Guide to Plasmids


Visit our blog to read our ongoing educational series, Plasmids 101. These posts will:
  • Showcase individual plasmid components 
  • Review basic technologies and techniques 
  • Share tips and tricks from the bench

 >Read Plasmids 101 


10 Years of Plasmid Sharing Statistics


Want to know what 10 years of plasmid sharing looks like?
Or view our fun infographic for more plasmid distribution and deposit statistics.
Addgene Featured in Nature News

In January, Nature

published an article on the state of biological resource centers and their role in scientific research.
Signed-Sealed-Delivered-Addgene-Biorepository-Plasmid-SharingRead the story to learn about Addgene's role and to find additional stats about plasmid distribution.


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