Addgene Newsletter, March 2017
Get More from Your Plasmids

Your plasmids keep Addgene and the research community going. To make it easier for you to find the perfect plasmid for your next experiment, we've updated our validation processes with full plasmid sequencing! We'll be making additional upgrades to our plasmid pages in the coming months so read on and stay tuned to learn how to get the most out of plasmid resources at Addgene. 
 ~The Addgene Team
Full Plasmid Sequencing Powered by SeqWell
All new plasmids that come into the repository will be fully sequenced as part of our new validation process. Full sequences can be found directly on our plasmid pages! Learn more about our move to NGS powered by SeqWell.
Addgene Sponsors Help Enable the Viral Service

Read our recent blog post from Addgene Executive Director, Joanne Kamens, to learn how donations from Alnylam and New England BioLabs have helped grow our new Viral Service.

Hot Plasmids
  • Generate zebrafish transgenic lines with the Tol2 Gateway-Compatible Toolbox  
  • AAV vectors for infecting GABA-ergic interneurons
  • Use monomeric cyan-excitable RFP for multicolor imaging
  • And More...

Get  CRISPR Tips  from a First Time CRISPR User!
  CRISPR Comic
Use the CRiNCL Library to Target lncRNA Genes

Plasmids 101 3rd Edition
We've updated and expanded our Plasmids 101 eBook
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Streaking for Single Colonies

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