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Addgene Newsletter, September 2012
Head Back to School with Blugene... 
And head to Addgene for our new cloning tutorials and protocols! Read on to learn more about this new resource and other new additions to the Addgene collection.
 ~The Addgene Team 
Cloning 101:  New Plasmid and Cloning Guides


Addgene is excited to announce the launch of our new plasmid and cloning reference library! 

Our educational resources now include: 

  • Guides for cloning by restriction enzyme digest and by PCR
  • Protocols ranging from bacterial transformation to recovering and quantifying DNA
  • References to help you design your experiments, such as choosing the right empty backbone and identifying important epitope tags 
  • And much more...                                                                  

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Required Reading: Hot Papers and Plasmids       

pBID image

          • Add-Ons for the Golden Gate TALEN Kit
          • A Brighter ECFP Variant - mTurquoise2 
          • Drosophila phiC31 Transgenesis Vectors - pBID (shown) and pMartini Gate 
          • Hundreds of Drosophila transcription factor ORFs  
Keep Sharing: Deposit Your New Plasmids  


As you begin a new school year, we hope you'll take the time to identify any interesting plasmids you have and consider depositing them.  Here are just some of the perks of being an Addgene depositor:

  • Visibility- By adding your plasmids to Addgene's repository, your plasmids will be more easily searched and accessed by other researchers. And, don't forget... Your papers will be spotlighted as users cite your work in publications.
  • Time Saving- While you're getting research done, Addgene scientists are responding to your plasmid requests, packing and shipping plasmids across the globe.                                                                                   

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Addgene Featured in The Scientist 

The benefits of sharing and how biological resource centers, such as Addgene, make sharing easier are highlighted in the September issue of The Scientist
What Plasmid is Addgene Missing?
Tell us which plasmid or plasmid technology you would love to see in our collection. 

You'll  be entered to win a FREE plasmid or T-shirtYour choice!

Citation Reminder
Every Addgene plasmid has a story.
Be part of that story...
When you publish work that used Addgene plasmids, always cite the PI, journal article, and Addgene plasmid number.
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