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Addgene Newsletter, September 2017
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Kick Off the Academic Year Right with Addgene
With the start of the academic year, it can be difficult to stay on top of your experiments while helping new lab mates get their own work started. Addgene is here to help with a new Fluorescent Proteins 101 eBook, blog updates allowing you to subscribe to your favorite topics, and ready-to-use viral preps to speed up your experiments. With new CRISPR, B. subtilis, and AAV tools available, let Addgene be your guide to the latest developments in plasmids and their many uses.
 ~The Addgene Team
Download Our Free Fluorescent Proteins 101 eBook
We've collected the articles from our fluorescent protein blog series, sought input from experts, developed new content in-house, and formatted everything into this comprehensive resource. Download the eBook to find ideas for new projects, troubleshoot your experiments, and avoid pitfalls.
New Featured Topic Pages on the Blog
Addgene Blog Featured Topic Pages

We now have featured topic pages for Plasmids 101, CRISPR, Viral Vectors, Fluorescent Proteins, and Career posts. Visit these pages to find the latest resources, get recommendations from the editor, and subscribe to new blog posts.

Hot Plasmids
  • New Plasmids for CRISPR in plants
  • CRISPR inhbitors
  • Improve iPSC reprogramming efficiency with SOX2-VP16
  • And more...

  CRISPR Activation Icon


New Root/Doench lab Calabrese CRISPR Activation Library


New Brunello and Brie Libraries for Targeting The Human and Mouse Kinomes


B. subtilis Libraries
Image Attribution:  Archive of Josef Reischig
New From the Blog
Viral Service
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