Addgene Newsletter, September 2011
The academic year has arrived in full force and on behalf of all of us here at Addgene, welcome back!  We are pleased to be sending you the first Addgene newsletter, part of our new quarterly series.  To help you get your experiments rolling, we are also offering a discount for your next plasmid order.
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10 Questions with Harvard / Broad Scientists
Dr. Hahn PhotoDr. Boehm Photo



Dr. William Hahn and Dr. Jesse Boehm, creators of the 

CCSB-Broad Kinase Library




Q: What do you think has been the most important scientific advancement in the past few years?


A: The leap in sequencing technology is going to have a far ranging impact in all of biology in ways that we can already see and in ways that we can't predict.


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Hot Papers and Plasmids
    • PSmOrange, a novel photoswitchable protein 
    • TALENs: genome editing gets smart
    • Transcription factor GliS1 for improved iPSC generation
    • Newly characterized recombinases

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Create your perfect Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) 

Add new restriction sites or epitope tags to your favorite vector


Cloning overview 

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 Welcome, Joanne!

Addgene is excited to welcome Joanne Kamens, PhD, as our new Executive Director.  

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