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Addgene Newsletter, June 2015
Gearing Up for Summer
Kick back and make your experiments a little easier this summer with help from Addgene. 

Read about the newest hot plasmids available to you, beef up on your research methods and professional skills with our blog, find great Cre-lox resources, and learn about our new citations feature!

 ~The Addgene Team

Hot Plasmids & Papers 
  • RNA visualization in cellsPhotoactivatable CRISPR Tools
  • RNA Biosensors for In Vivo Imaging
  • MultiSite Gateway Kit
  • And More...

> See All the Hot Plasmids

New Posts from Addgene's Blog
Addgene.org's New Plasmid Citation Feature
  • We've made it easier than ever for  you to find publications that use plasmids available through Addgene
  • Check out a description and walk-through of our new Plasmid Citation Feature on our blog! 
Cre-Lox Expression Systems


Cre-lox systems are used to control gene expression. Optimized Cre expression plasmids contain special features to tightly control how Cre is expressed in your organism of interest. 

Addgene's collection includes Cre-containing plasmids, loxP (floxed) constructs, and Cre reporters and tools.


Addgene has partnered with the Zhang Lab to create an updated, comprehensive resource for the Zhang Lab plasmids available through Addgene.


Read information about CRISPR screening libraries, AAV-Cas9 plasmids, and get tips for using CRISPRs in your lab.


> Zhang Lab Resources

CRISPR Cas9 for Zhang Lab 


Find new Yang lab plasmids for multiplexing gRNA expression in plants!


 > Yang Lab Plasmids 


Leehyo Bio Partnership

Scientists in Korea now have two options for ordering Addgene plasmids:

  • Continue to order directly through Addgene or
  • Order through Addgene's new local distributor in Korea, Leehyo Bio Science 


 > Get More Information


Purchase Orders Made Easy

Some institutions require scientists ordering from Addgene to obtain quotes and use purchase orders.  


To demystify this procedure, we've created a resource to help you navigate the purchase order process. 


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