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Addgene Newsletter, March 2016
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CRISP New Resources for Your Research
To help your research succeed this spring, we're providing you with a variety of new resources. Need to brush up on your CRISPR background? Check out our brand new CRISPR eBook. Having trouble finding the perfect plasmid for your next experiment? Watch our new browse and search video to facilitate your search or suggest a plasmid for the repository. Want to try something new? Consider signing up to write for the Addgene blog. We're here to help spark your creativity and get those experiments moving!

 ~The Addgene Team

Get Your Copy of the CRISPR 101 eBook

   Addgene_s CRISPR 101 eBook

  • Our CRISPR 101 eBook is here
  • Find sections on the history of CRISPR, how to use CRISPR pooled libraries, designing your gRNA, and more!
Hot Plasmids & Papers 

The Rosella pH Sensitive Fluorescent Biosensor  

>See All Hot Plasmids

Suggest a Plasmid for the Addgene Repository

Bluegene Suggests a Plasmid

  • If you need a plasmid for your research but cannot find it in the Addgene repository, let us know!
  • Fill out this form with the name of the plasmids and any additional details and we'll reach out to the potential depositor
  • Tweet @Addgene with #suggestaplasmid, the name of the plasmid, and a link to the corresponding publication


New CRISPR Pooled Libraries Available!

  Pooled Libraries Icon

Find pooled libraries from the Liu, Wu, Moffat, and Root/Doench Labs.


 >Learn How to Use CRISPR Pooled Libraries 


Browse and Search Video

Learn the most efficient ways to search our repository for your perfect plasmid.
Addgene Browse and Search Video
Addgene Browse and Search Video

New From the Blog


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