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Addgene Newsletter, September 2016
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Lift Your Research to New Heights This Academic Year
Make this your most productive year yet with help from Addgene. We've got kits you can use to equip your team for a wide variety of research endeavors, new ways for you to find the CRISPR resources you need, and we're expanding our educational efforts with our podcast and protocol videos. Keep your eyes open for even more exciting news from Addgene in the coming weeks as we test out new ways to accelerate your research!

 ~The Addgene Team

Kits to Get You Back in Gear this Academic Year

Kits available at Addgene can be used for everything from cloning to studying specific signaling pathways

Kit Available at Addgene

Read our recent blog post to learn more about some of the kits in the collection and to get some ideas on how to take advantage of these fantastic resources for your own work!

New from Addgene: Videos and Our Podcast

Addgene Plate Pouring Protocol Video
  • Find great interviews with scientists at all stages of their careers in the Addgene Podcast.  
Hot Plasmids & Papers 

DULIP Protein Interaction Monitoring
  • Use the DULIP system to study protein-protein interactions
  • Use the CRISPR-AID system to degradation tag endogenous proteins
  • And More...


We've updated our pooled library pages!

  CRISPR Pooled Library Table


  • Find new pooled libraries to target the mouse and human kinomes
  • Browse the libraries using filters to quickly find the resources you need
Help Us Support Rare Disease Research

We're running to support Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) research!
Bluegene Running for IFOPA
  • Donate to our team and support FOP research
New From the Blog
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