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Addgene Newsletter, September 2014
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  Light Up Your Research!

This September we have many new tools and resources to help you make the most of your research. Start by searching our growing collection of fluorescent proteins deposited by the Davidson lab and find the right plasmids to illuminate your work. Then read our new eBook, Plasmids 101, to brush up on your molecular cloning basics and get practical tips for the bench. Read on and start experimenting!

 ~The Addgene Team

Collection: Michael Davidson Fluorescent Proteins


Addgene has been working with the Michael Davidson lab at FSU to make available their collection of 3,300 fluorescent protein (FP) constructs. The collection includes:
  • 300 empty backbones for tagging your gene of interest with your favorite FP
  • 3,000 FP tagged ORFsMichael Davidson Fluorescent Protein Collection
  • Extensive supplemental info, including images and localization data
  • FPs available: mEmerald, mApple, mCherry, mTagBFP2, mEos3.2...

> And many more!

Plasmids 101: New eBook

Plasmids 101 plasmid map
We've created a new eBook!

The book covers our Plasmids 101 blog topics, as well as additional plasmid and cloning resources.


Download the book and use it as a lab bench reference. 


Topics covered include:  

  • Plasmid Basics - Antibiotic resistance, origin of replication, & promoters  
  • Eukaryotic & Viral Expression Vectors - Mammalian, yeast, AAV, & lentiviral
  • Fluorescent proteins & more
  • Plasmid Verification Techniques - Diagnostic restriction digest & sequence analysis

>Download the eBook 

Hot Plasmids & Papers 
  • pCAG-EGxxFP-gRNA-validation-Masahito-Ikawa Shining a Light on Channelrhodopsins with Chronos & Chrimson
  • Light-activated Receptor Tyrosine Kinases
  • New Tool for CRISPR gRNA Validation
  • Irreversible Peptide-Peptide Ligation with SpyLigase 

>See Hot Plasmids

New CRISPR Plasmids!
We frequently 
update our CRISPR resources to keep up with the newest tools.

We have organized plasmids containing validated gRNAs, in addition to the Empty Vectors. 

sgRNA Design Tips
Read the latest CRISPR blog post for tips on optimizing sgRNA activity from our guest blogger.

Website Updates 
Addgene's website will soon undergo a major update, which will include updated tables, improved plasmid pages, and more.

We hope to improve the ease of browsing for you - our users. 

Addgene website update

If you are interested in helping Addgene test the new page layouts, email us at: [email protected]
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