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Technology Transfer Newsletter, Fall 2013
Fall Bluegene
Community Spotlights, Legal News, and More!


It has been a busy year for Addgene and the Tech Transfer community.

To help keep you updated, we've compiled an interview, Tech Transfer highlights, and more.
 ~The Addgene Team 
Community Spotlight: Interview with Peter Wells, Director of the Technology Transfer Office at The Jackson Laboratory


PETER WELLS  is the Director of the Technology Transfer Office at The Jackson Laboratory ("Jackson"), an independent, non-profit research institution in the field of mammalian genetics and human health.  Jackson manages over 7,000 unique mouse models donated by research institutions worldwide and distributes millions of mice to the research community each year.

Read the Full Interview 


Jackson Lab Aerial View  

Jackson Lab on Mt Desert Island, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA


Tech Transfer News: America Invents Act


Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) around the world have been preparing for the America Invents Act (AIA) since the act was signed in 2011. Now in effect, the much hailed "first-inventor-to-file" provisions of the AIA resulted in some day-to-day patent practice changes around the USA.


Though many TTO duties remain "business as usual", some procedural and substantive changes brought about by the AIA could mean changes to many TTOs.  


Quick Addgene  MTA Stats
So far in 2013,
Over 61,000 plasmids have been distributed on behalf of our depositors and depositing institutions
Over 5,000 plasmids have been deposited from over 400 labs
Thanks for helping us with all those MTAs! 
Spotlight on Singapore
Singapore's Ministry of Law, in conjunction with The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, has outlined a 10-year plan to increase the city-country's presence in the global IP market. 
Read more about Singapore's proposed international collaborations and how Addgene is helping Singaporean scientists share their plasmids.
Upcoming  Tech Transfer Events

BIO China 2013

Beijing, China 

11/11/13 - 11/13/13 


Innovation 2013

Toronto, ON, Canada

12/4/13 - 12/6/13


BIO Pacific Rim Summit

San Diego, CA, USA
12/8/13 - 12/11/13

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