Addgene's Technology Transfer Newsletter, Fall 2017

Fall is the Busy Season


It is finally starting to feel a bit more like autumn here in Cambridge, MA. We know that for many of our tech transfer colleagues, this time of year can be especially busy. Why not take a few minutes to enjoy a few lighter pieces we have compiled for you? You can read about the feasibility of patenting a recipe, get a glimpse of a typical morning of an MTA reviewer, or learn more about structuring your next big team project. 
  ~The Addgene Team
A Recipe for Protection

Many people have that one go-to dish that they know will be a hit at their neighborhood potluck or office party. In the cloud of compliments that are sure to arise, someone might playfully suggest that the dish be patented. This article will walkthrough the patent process using a seasonal example and will discuss other options that might be available to protecting your recipe or brand.


Project Management: Skip the Waterfalls
Have you ever spent months on a project only to discover upon its completion that stakeholder needs or expectations had changed? Do you wish you had tackled it differently? Here at Addgene, our project management team proactively works with teams across the company to develop final products that sufficiently address various teams' needs and expectations while ensuring that no one project consumes our already-limited resources. This article will discuss two approaches to project management and will hopefully save you some time and frustration on your next project.


A Day in the Life . . .

Ever wonder what it must be like to review and process the thousands of MTAs that Addgene facilitates in a month?  Click below to get a glimpse of a typical morning for an Addgene MTA reviewer!

Your Work Makes A Difference!

By executing deposit agreements with Addgene, you are helping us provide the research community with access to a valuable "treasure trove of genetic diversity."

In their recent publication, Aditya M. Kunjapur, Philipp Pfingstag and Neil C. Thompson observed about 19,000 unique genes in Addgene's repository (which are there because of your help!) and found that Gene Synthesis Allows Biologists to Source Genes from Farther Away in the Tree of Life. 

Improved Pages!
Do you have questions about Addgene's deposit or request processes? Unsure of how to approve a plasmid for deposit? Want to learn more about our MTA signature process?

We have recently updated our tech transfer web pages and added images, videos and flowcharts to help you better understand our processes and to provide you with other helpful resources.

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