Technology Transfer Newsletter, Winter 2017

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This winter has certainly been a weather rollercoaster so far. Just a few weeks ago, many of us were outside enjoying the 60° F (16° C) warmth. These past few days, however, we've been cooped up inside to avoid the cold, blistery wind. This has given us some time to put together a few articles for you to help you learn more about the benefits of depositing with Addgene, meet a member of our team, and read about an upcoming Supreme Court case that might have a significant impact on patent trolls.
  ~The Addgene Team
Get to Know an Addgenie: Bryan Archambault

Bryan  is a Contracts & Projects Coordinator at Addgene. Although he is new to Addgene's Tech Transfer Team, Bryan has been a part of the Addgene Team for nearly 5 years. If you have ever processed an MTA from Addgene or have had questions about an order your scientists p laced, then you likely know Bryan already. 

In his new role, Bryan will assist in facilitating deposit agreements, managing TTO relationships, and spearheading many internal Addgene projects. 

Trolls in the Forums!
Over the last several years, most patent infringement suits have begun in only a few courts. These courts ' procedures  often press defendants for time  and money . Many non-practicing patent owners, or patent trolls, have exploited these procedures to repeatedly extract financial settlements and forced royalties from large companies.

Yet, for many defendants, the ties their company has to these courts are tenuous at best. In many cases, the company does not even have an office or agent in the district. This spring, the Supreme Court may render a decision that could potentially curb such trolling.

Help Us Help You!
Encouraging your scientists to deposit their plasmids with Addgene not only helps them share their materials with their colleagues around the world more quickly and efficiently, but it will also save you time and make your job easier. 

To find out how Addgene can help you and your office, click the link below!

AUTM & PraxisUnico

The Addgene Tech Transfer Team will be attending AUTM next week. While we will not have a booth this year, we hope this will give us more time to meet with our colleagues and to learn more about how we can assist your office.

We are also headed to the annual PraxisUnico meeting in the UK later this summer. There are a lot of exciting things going on in European Tech Transfer and we look forward to learning more!

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